I have always been a dreamer. From as young as I can remember, I have asked questions and wanted to experience the world. Whether it was the bucket list I carried around with the countless places I wanted to travel & goals I wanted to accomplish, to the camps & classes I begged to try growing up, I never let anything stand in my way. 

I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology…but I am currently working for an engineering company as an Associate Project Manager (and loving it!). While at UNH I also met my amazing boyfriend Dan. We clicked instantly and have been on an exciting journey for the past four years. Following my graduation in May, we decided to move to Lakewood, Colorado where he is finishing up school & I’m working from home.

We have added two fur-babies to our family – Malloy & Montagne – and together we’re making the most of this project they call life! What many people don’t know, is Malloy is my Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and Montagne is Dan’s. Throughout college, I began to develop (more severe) anxiety and lost touch with who I was. I struggled with my eating habits, became very stressed about my classes & workload, and despite my best efforts to workout as regularly as possible, gained quite a bit of weight. My anxiety continued to increase and after making the move to CO, decided to rescue a cat to help manage things. Malloy keeps me going all day long and there is no doubt in my mind we were meant to find each other. This cat has shown me the true importance of unconditional love & second chances, and he has filled an emptiness I didn’t even know I had! There truly aren’t words to describe the happiness Malloy brings me, all I know is I will forever be grateful this peanut was placed in my life.

Animals have a way

My true passion lies within helping others. Since I was a child I remember saying I wanted to change the world and make an impact on others; as long as I helped people in my future, I would be happy. I’ve toyed around with different opportunities over time and have opted on my own form of life-coaching for now – Pawsitive Life Coaching – that will focus on you and all things (you guessed it), you! While I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, I have several unique life experiences and am my happiest when I’m helping others. I want to help people realize their potential and follow their hearts. Nothing should stand in the way of making your dreams come true, and my goal is to make sure that thing standing in the way isn’t you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by & taking the time to read about our journey. This blog is a huge part of my life & really is a dream come true, I’m so incredibly thankful for all the support!